Sunday, January 16, 2011

1 Associations of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

Hey u guyz.
Satu hari aku tak update belog.
Kenapa? Sebab semalam kannn. Ada accounting day.
Dari pagi sampai malam.
Mood : TIRED !

Tentatif acara :
Pagi - Talk by Mr. Ang from ACCA.
Malam - Accounting night

Sebenarnya memang nak masukkan pic and update about semalam.
Tapi rasa tak larat pulak.
Haha ! So, sekarang, aku just nak update tentang 'What is ACCA?'
This information could be useful for those yang masih di bangku sekolah dan mengambil subjek accounts.

ACCA or Associations of Chartered Certified Accountants is one of the Global Body for Professional Accountants.

Benefits of membership:

  • provides improved career progression opportunities and very high earning potential

  • Our world-class reputation means that your qualification is recognised all over the globe, allowing you international mobility in your career.

  • Our qualification provides you with complete flexibility in your career choice. You can work in any business sector from the public or corporate sectors to financial services or public practice.

  • We have over 100 years of experience and through this time have built and developed strong relationships with a vast network of employers, governmental bodies and professional institutes across the world

  • We provide a leading range of services to our members. We offer privileged access to world-renowned technical and thought-leadership materials as well as comprehensive resources designed to underpin continuing professional development.

  • We are leading the way in driving global standards of professionalism and ethics and our reputation for integrity and accountability provides a firm foundation for the positive standing of our members

  • ACCA Qualification :

  • Essential information: information on being an ACCA student, including important dates and fees, and how to update your contact details

  • Exams: past exam papers, examiner reports, technical articles and syllabus and study guides

  • Professional ethics module: how to be an accountant that’s good, and understanding the concept of professionalism

  • Practical Experience Requirements (PER): information and resources on performance objectives, workplace mentors and your PER annual return

  • Transfer to membership: benefits of membership and how to transfer to ACCA membership.

    This means that if I wanna join ACCA, after I finish my degree, I have to work in accounting sector for 3 years and take an exam from ACCA before I get this qualification.

    At first, aku rasa macam penting sangat kew join professsional body macam ni. Tapi lepas dengar dan tahu apa itu ACCA sebenarnya, aku rasa aku patut untuk dapatkan qualification ini. Insyallah.

    Like Mr. Ang said, there are 17 public university in Malaysia and a lot of private university. There are also students who studied abroad and going back to Malaysia to work here. So what you have to secured in order to get a better job?

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