Sunday, June 23, 2013

2 Trip to Korea : Day 2

Assalamualaikum and Good Afternoon girls and boys (-^o^-)
Again!! Its Sunday everyone. Hari untuk bermalas-malas di rumah. Happy holidays uolllssss :)
Okay, as promises I'll continue my stories in Korea for day 2.

We woke up very early in the morning which is at 5 am (Malaysian time : 4 am) to perform Subuh prayer. Then we were getting ready for our activities on day 2. Basically, we were visiting Hanyang University on that day to see the lifestyle of Korean University's Students and it was really an exciting moment for us.

Hanyang University is located at Seoul, South Korea and it is one of the best engineering college in Korea. They have a lot of Malaysian students there. So, if you are interested to continue your studies in engineering, you can try to apply for application to Hanyang University :)

Sorry gambar tak center sbb photographer tak pandai ambik gambar. Hikkks

This is us <3

Again. Say cheese :3

Time to eat (~^o^~)

After we had our lunch, we were going to the city of Seoul for sightseeing. Unfortunately, its raining on that day. It makes the temperature getting colder and I was like freezing. Haha. I forgot to mentioned that this was during the end of winter. So, the temperature was still below 10 degree Celsius (If I'm not mistaken). 

Yeayy hujan-hujan pun sempat snap gambar ^_^

Who's the cutest among the cute (*,*)

So, we were going back early to hostel on that day. But still it gives a lot of memorable memory for us to have a chance to step into Hanyang University. We had our dinner after we arrived at the hostel. In Korea, every restaurant will serve kimchi and plain water. I think I get much healthier there. Hewhew. Kat sini asyik minum air manis plus makan goreng-goreng je >.<

Jejaka-jejaka yang masih single dan available. Haha. Kita tolong promote (*,*)

Ohh ya, ada yang bertanya pasal jumlah kos yang diperlukan untuk ke Korea. FYI, trip kami under program UTM. UTM akan beri RM 1000 untuk setiap pelajar yang berjaya memohon peruntukan. So, lebihan kos tanggung sendiri ya. Here, I provide the overall cost that I bear:

Flight 2-ways (AirAsia)                                                              :   RM 1500
Tourguide (accomodation, foods, tour guide services)                 :   RM 1700
Pocket money (for shopping)                                                     :   RM 1000
Total                                                                                       :   RM 4200
That's all for today. Will continue the journey on day 3 tomorrow. Until then XOXO.

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