Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 1 Challenge : 10 Things About You

Salam. Seperti yang dijanjikan aku akan memulakan 10 days challenge bermula hari ini. So, here we go.

"Day 110 things about you"

My name is Nur Farhanah binti Mokthar and I am :
·    Children to Mokthar bin Ali and Sharifah Shahrizad Syed Mohamed
·    Not a Girl not yet a women
·     2nd children from 4 siblings
·    Was born in Singapore on 14th May 1991
·    Currently live in JB
·    Even I am Singaporean but I never been school there
·   I love to try new things in my life
·   I am not friendly until you screwed me out
·   Coward when I am alone
·   And I'm a spoiled child
Ohhh. That was 10 things about me. You think you know me better ? Then, why don’t you share with me by giving some comments. I would love to hear from those who knows me. Haha.

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