Sunday, December 18, 2011

0 Blog Anak Incik Mokthar??

Assalamualaikum and hello everybody ^_^

I don't know whether u guys still remember this blog or not. Actually This blog is not so well-known though. But at least I put my effort to let everyone know about the existence of this blog. Unfortunately, when this blog start to be read by readers, I got some other commitment which is far more important that is focus on study..

This semester really makes me wonder how i can divides my time between study and other things. Errr, correction. Actually, i'm not study but more on the assignment. sigh. If only the lecturer know how hard the students to complete one assignment. Before the first assignment is done, the lecturer have give the second assignment. And then the third, forth and so on.

Okay. This entry is more to my complaints about this and that. Merungut. Aku tahu aku masih belum dapat readers yang betul-betul baca blog ni lagi. So, thats why aku oleh tulis benda yang sangat childish. Yuhuuuu.

Even I'm not in a good condition now, I'm still happy since I have my family by my side. And also, I just win the grand prize in one contest which sponsored by Jelita2u. For your information, page Jelita2u is online shop that sells traditional kebaya nyonya. So, sape-sape yang interested nak cari baju kebaya nyonya yang cantik dan gorgeous, boleh lah usha page ni. Harga pun sangat-sangat berpatutan.

Haha. Tadi kata busy yang amat. Tapi masuk contest bole pulak. Errrr. No comment. Anyway usaha aku pun  tak sia-sia bila aku dapat first place. Hadiah dia sangat berbaloi-baloi.. Dapat set kebaya nyonya siap jahit, and cash RM 100. Psstttt, jangan jeles.

Okay lah. Sampai sini je dulu entry untuk hari ini. Semoga kerajinan untuk mengupdate belog akan datang lepas final exam next month. Insyallah. Thanks for reading~

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